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– Dh-arma Suthra of Bodhayana

 Vedas, Upaniihadi and ,DharmasastrJaspreach us “Annadanatparam danam Na bhootam na bhavishyasi Annamparabrahma Swaroopam’. Food is the basic need of all the living beings. Such food is bestowed by goddess Annapurna and she is none other than our holy mother Durga. She is better half of Lord Siva, she bestows food to all every day. She only could offer food to Lord Siva once who was crying with hunger. Like this, serving food to the hungers and deserved people is very much interested deed to goddess Durga. We should treat all the hungers on this earth as the forms of Lord Siva. Those who treat like this, they become none other than the forms of Annapurna who will eradicate hunger. Hence, all the devotees of goddess Durga should donate food to the deserves in the premises of Durga Temple. By this, they can attain the constant growth of money, wealth, suns and grandsons for multiplied seven genera­tions. Based on this holy idea, devasthanam has started permanent food donation programme (Saswatha Annadana Scheme Pathakam).

Devotees may pay Rs.5,116/-. This will be deposited in the bank and with the interest gained by it, 35 people can be fed on one particular day desired by the donar. Devotees may give donation to this Annadaha Mahayagna .in the form of money & article and in unlimited quantity. Names list of permanent donors will be exhibited in the dining hall. Donors can enjoy free entry facility into Durga Temple and other sub-temples on that particular donation day

Income tax exemption is also there for the donations given to this Annadana Seva. All the donors should give D.D. or Cheques in favour of The Executive Officer, Saswatha Annadanam Trust, Sri Durga Malleswaraswamy Varla Devasthanam, Indrakeeladri, Vijayawada along with the following details:

1) Full Name & Address of the Donor
2) Name of the person on whom Annadana should be offered
3) Date and month on which day Annadana should be offered
4) Gothra of the Donar
5) Total Sum of the donation


Annadanam Scheme has been introduced from 1/1/1991 with 58 members per day with a corpus amount of Rs.15 lakhs from out of surplus funds on the same lines of T.T.D. Scheme. The Trust is registered under Reg.No-181/99 with the title  “Sri Durga Malleswara Swamy Varla Saswatha Annadanam Trust, Indrakeeladri, Vijayawada-1”. The Trust is exempted from Income Tax under Section 80(G). There are about 1,07,708 Donors as on 30-05-2015. The Timings of Annadanam Section are 10 A.M to 4.00 P.M.

1) Landed Properties :

RS.No.337, AC 5-43 Cts situated at Valiveru Village, Chunduru Mandal, Guntur District, Donated by Rupa Venkatapaiah Trust and getting 65-16 kgs Bags of paddy per year.

2)  Houses :  

Ist floor of Sowjanya Mahal, Buildings, Brahma Samajam Road, Chirala Town D.No.20-18-7 (3) and getting Rent Rs.1060/- per month, Donated by Late.K.Viswanadham, (Retd) Tahasildar.

3) Fixed Deposits :

There are 64 Fixed deposits, Total amount of Rs.31,08,18,165.41 ps  has been received by way of donations. The total interest per year derived is Rs.2,88,37,880/- i.e., per month interest derived is Rs.15,98,629.00. Miscellaneous income derived by way of Daily M.R’s is about Rs.5,75,000/- per month. The total income for per month is about Rs.51,38,000/-

4)  Meals Fed:-

A meal fed per days is about 5000 persons, . The total number of meals fed per month is about 1,5 0,150 persons. Each Meals costing Rs.24.00 ps.

5)  Menu :-

              Pulihora, Rice , Pappu, Curry-1, Chatni, Sambar, Butter Milk. Bellam Pongal

6) The Total No of Donors 1,07,708 for both Telugu and English dates.

Rs.1,00,000/- and above 363
Rs.  50,000/- and above 76
Rs. 25,000/- and above 250
Rs. 10,000/- and above 2575
Rs.  5,116/- and above 5968

          The Devasthanam is sending computer printed intimation cards along with Ammavari pooja kumkuma for the date of which the Donor paid for Annadanam scheme. The Donor lists both Telugu & English dates has been displayed in Notice Board of Annadanam everyday.

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