Kesakhandana Kesakhandana1
  • The Devasthanam is maintaining Kesakandanasalas at Durga Ghat and Up Hills with 104 Barbers daily and services of 1500 Barbers are being provided additionally during Dasara Festival and Bhavani Deeksha Viramana Days at various newly Ghats temporarily arranged for festive occasion duly deploying them from other temples by inviting application from the interested local barbers on payment of ½ amount in ticket value as remuneration. During peak season i.e. during Sravanamasam and summer season extra barbers will be engaged on payment of remuneration and their services will be dispensed in slack season.
    Kesakandanasalas at Durga Ghat 3.00 a.m To 9.00 p.m
    Kesakandanasalas at Up Hills 3.00 a.m To 9.00 p.m

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