అమ్మవారి సేవా కార్యక్రమములు

ఉత్సవ విశేషములు – ఫలితములు

Online Booking
1. Sahasranamarchana (One Day) 100.00
2. Ashtotharanamarchana(One day) 50.00
3. Sri Malleswara Swamy varla Rudrabishekam(One Day) 20.00
4. Sahasranamarchana for 52 Fridays 5,200.00
5. Ashtotharanamarchana for 52 Fridays 2,600.00
6. Sri Malleswara Swamy varla Rudrabishekam(52 Mondays) 1,040.00
7. Chandi Homam(Every Day) 516.00
8. Laksha Kumkumarchana (One Day) 1,000.00
9. Santhi Kalyanam(One Day) 500.00
10. Srichakra Navavarnacharna 516.00
11 Poojas will be performed at Srivalli Deva Sametha  
 12 Sri Subrahmanyeswara Swamy varla Upalayam  
  a) Sarpadosha Nivarana 250.00
  b) Sahasra Namarchana 10.00
  c) Ashtotram 5.00
 13 Sri Ammavari Anthralaya Dharsanam on Q line for one person (52 Fridays) 1,000.00
 14 Pallakiseva 516.00
 15 Kadgamala Pooja (Antaralayam) 5,116.00
 17 Gomata Pooja 21.00
18 Uyyala Seva 516.00
 19 Pancha Haratulu 200.00
 20 Swarna Puspa Pooja (Every Thursday) 2,500.00


1. Sahasranamarchana to Sri Kanaka Durga Ammavaru 52 Fridays – 52,000.00
2. Ashtoranamarchana to Sri kanaka Durga Ammavaru 52 Fridays – 26,000.00
3. Sri Malleswara Swamy Abhishekam 52 Mondays – 10,400.00
4. Sahasranamarchana to Sri kanaka Durga Ammavaru on any day in a year – 1000.00
5. Ashtotharanamarchana to Sri kanaka Durga Ammavaru on any day in a year – 500.00
6. Pallaki Seva(Once Year) – 12,000.00
7. Saswatha Santhi Kalyanam – 5,000.00
8. Saswatha Laksha Kumkumarchana – 10,000.00
9. Saswatha Srichakranava Varnarchana – 6,000.00
10. Puja will be performed at Sri Valli Deva Sametha Sri Subrahmanyeswara Upalayam  
  a) Saswatha Sarpadosha Nivarana – 5,000.00
11. Saswatha Annadanam for 8 members on one day in a year – 1,116.00
12. Saswatha Annadanam for 35 members on one day in a year – 5,116.00
13. Saswatha Annadanam for 70 members on one day in a year – 10,000.00
14. One member on one day 50,000.00
15. Two member on one day 1,00,000.00



  1. Very useful .good keep it up

  2. I want to check the availability of lakshakumkumarchana seva . But I could not find it in your website.Please assist me.


    Dear swamy,

    I want to know about khadgamala pooja i.e how many persons to allow, how much fee, what should we get pooja samagri etc..

    • 2 persons are allowed and it will be performed early morning 4.30 in antaraalayam. Fees: 5,116/-; advance booking to be done as only 6 pairs per day is accommodated. pooja samagri everything will be provided by temple. we can still bring flowers, garlands etc as per our wish. after pooja we will be given a silver idol of Durgamma, one big laminated photo, saree and blouse, pancha & kanduva, laddus, pulihora as prasadam.

    • Goddess Durga represents the power of the Supreme Being that prvserees moral order and righteousness in the creation. The Sanskrit word Durga means a fort or a place that is protected and thus difficult to reach. Durga, also called Divine Mother, protects mankind from evil and misery by destroying evil forces such as selfishness, jealousy, prejudice, hatred, anger, and ego.


    To get marriage finalized which pooja we need to do.

    • Respected Parwathi Hegde, I just saw your beautiful phoots and brief description of Pratyangira Yogeshwari Bhagavati Temple at mysore. Will you do me a favour? I want to go to the temple. I stay at kolkata, west-bengal. How I will go there? With regards, Abhijit Mukherjee// // 11.07.11

  5. Dear Team,
    We are unable to find the timings of the various sevas available.
    Kindly mention the same.
    Thanks and regards,

  6. I want to know that details of kumkum pooja to be performed in sravanamasam like fee, can ticker be booked online..

  7. 14. One member on one day 50,000.00
    15. Two member on one day 1,00,000.00

    dear sir

    may I know about full details for the above sevas 14 and 15

  8. Can you pl give timings and prices of chandi homam. How many can participate.

  9. varalakshmi pooja tickets eppudu istharo cheppagalara sir

  10. We want to perform kumkumarchana, we have an 11 month old baby, can we sit in pooja and how many apart from the couple are allowed to sit along with us in kumkumarchana

  11. Which Pooja is to be performed for getting a job,sir.

  12. I want details about Anantha KalaSarpadosham puja details…money and date preference, etc…plz. Reply

  13. Hi sir ,
    I would like to know about Maya chandu homam ..what is the price and at what time do they perform the pooja .Also what please provide the cost of the ticket or any contact number .
    Many thanks for understanding.


  15. I want to take srikadgamalapuja ticket,but in that only 2 persons allowed .Iam having one son is he allowed with us ?other wise any extra payment(ticket )for him.

  16. Hi Sir,
    1) Amma vari kumkuma, Prasadham, Raksha dharallu modhalaghunavi enttiki pampali ante memu ye sevallu tesukovali, Money cost entha.
    2) Kutumbam sabyulaki yearly pooja cheyyali ante approach ela cheyyali ,cost entha authadi.
    Twaralo telupagalaru.


  17. Hi, I want to donate for Anna prasadam. Could you please let me know is there any way to donate online.


  18. Sahasranamarchana will be performed in Dasara festival Days Only.
    For above Seva how many persons to allow, for 1year baby also ticket needed, how much fee, what should we get pooja samagri etc..

  19. Dr. S. Bala Murali Krishna

    Dear Sir,
    Is there any change in the particulars of “Saswatha Annadanam for 8 members on one day in a year –1,116.00”. Kindly respond.

  20. How many days during Dasara festival, there will be no Sevas available? wanted to know when Khadgamala archana will start after dasara festival.

  21. how to i know the availability of khadgamala pooja dates ?

  22. I want to know about the homams

  23. want to know about khadgamala pooja ?
    how it perform ?
    what is the timing?
    how many tickets will issue per day?
    khadgamala pooja special what

  24. sir I want chandi homam laksha kunkuma tickets time table timing

  25. Chandi homam timings chepagalara

  26. I would like to know the process of booking online tickte for laksha kumkumarchana during dasara navaratri utsavam.please let me know

  27. Dear sir ,
    we are thinking to get married in Temple,
    what is the procedure and details for getting married in durga temple.

  28. hi we live in usa how do we go about paying for saswata annadanam and pooja
    thank you

  29. i want to know about the sarpadosha nivarana in durgamata temple. can u pls give any information

  30. Dear Sir,
    I got amessage inmy mobile regarding sahasranamarchana astorama pujas to pay onlineto be conducted during navaratri days(Rs.450 or rs.900). In your web site it is not help me
    Dr sagar

  31. Can you please tell the date of issuing dasara lakhskumkumarchana tickets in advance

  32. Please let me how to book khadgamalapooja tickets during dussehra time

  33. Please ,let us know that
    1. when will the booking of kukuma pooja opens for Dasara period? and
    2. how to book the same through online?

  34. Sir how to book for dasara navaratri kumkumarchana

  35. Dear Team,

    I received SMS saying that Astothranama Archana & Sahasranama Archana will be performed during DASARA Festival 2015 with 450/- and 900/-. Pl guide me how to book these Seva through online as i am not able to find these Sevas in online portal.

    Thanks & Regards,
    K.V. Siva
    +91 9573248819

  36. I want to book dasara pooja for one day(between 13thOct to 22ndOct)..Please let me know how to book online

  37. Poornachandra Rao Salur

    Please let me know how to perform Navarathri puja at Sri kanakadurga temple on our family names and gothram for nine days.

  38. Sir,

    I want to know about Srichakra Navavarnaarchana pooja. i. How many persons to allow for antharalayam, how much fee, what should we get, and it is available in Dasara time or not? Please give detailed information.


  40. Ammavari navaratrula lo 10days ki kumkumarchanu ku fee yentha. Plz reply sir

  41. sarswathi pooja ticket eppudu isthsra ro chappagarala sir age limit amayana vunada

  42. Tushar Shringarpure

    I have been told to give ‘Mangalsutre’ to Kanakdurga Devi and give “Annadan’ to 108 brahmins , please let me know the process and charges for the same

  43. I want to know about shanthipooja i.e how many persons to allow ,how much fee what should we get pooja samagri etc…

  44. While we visit the temple, we want to offer Pudavai to the deity. Is it accepted. Can we offer the Pudavai in cotton or polyester or pattu. Pl. inform us so that we can make necessary arrangements.

  45. sir i want to know chandi yogam ( chandi homam ) till what date it ll happend and what is the last date of chandi homam

  46. I want to know about chandi homam on Wednesday availability. What is the price for that

  47. How to get permission for my marriage in durga’s temple. Please tell me the progress.

  48. Sreenivasu Odugu

    What is the difference between “Saswatha Astotranamarchana to Sri Kanakadurga Ammavaru (52 Fridays) Seva – price is 26000” and “Astotranamarchana to Sri Kanakadurga Ammavaru (52 Fridays) Seva – price is 2600 RS”. I’m confused by 52 Fridays in the booking. Please advise. Thanks in advance.

  49. I want to pay for saswatha annadanam for 8 members on one day every year 1,116 Rs. ,what
    is the process where I have to pay?

  50. Satishkumar.dasari

    I want to swarna pushpa pooja

  51. m.srikanth kowndinya

    how to chandi homama ticket, send details

  52. m.srikanth kowndinya

    how to get chandi homama ticket, send details

  53. Hello sir,
    I want to know information about Ubhayadatala Pooja for Dusshera 2016. Can you please let me know what is the pooja cost and how can we get the ticket. We are from Hyderabad and contact: 7680930138

  54. sir l want a procedure for bookin
    g of kukumarchana at dussera time

  55. I need srichakra from your temple, what is the amount for it please do let me know.

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